The Plot

Intro8The Ravenwood Theatre is 100 years old.  For many years it has been a cherished landmark, a place where generations enjoyed acting, music, and song.  However, times have changed.  No performance has been staged in the Ravenwood for over 20 years.  The old theatre has fallen into disrepair.  She stands lonely and forgotten.

The Ravenwood’s current owner is Anna Martin, a young college student who inherited it from her parents when they passed away.  Unable to pay the back taxes on the old theatre, Anna finds the bank foreclosing.  Enter Margaret Parsimony, a money-grubbing real estate agent who wants nothing more than to level the Ravenwood to put up, of all things, a mini-mall!

Anna loves the old theatre and is heartbroken at the thought of its destruction.  She has only two weeks to come up with the money or Margaret Parsimony will pay the back taxes and purchase the theatre from the bank.  There seems to be no hope of saving the Ravenwood, but appearances can be deceiving.  Anna is about to get some help . . . of the supernatural kind!

Sent back to earth to aid young Anna, a group of Ghosts appears in the old Ravenwood Theatre.  They come from different eras and theatrical genres, but they share a common bond . . . . they have all performed at the Ravenwood.  Amongst these Ghosts are Elizabeth Hart, an Edwardian-age stage actress, Memphis Aaron, a singer from the 50s, Dooley O’Bannon, a vaudeville comedian, Winchester Sullivan Montague III, a Shakespearean actor from the late 1800s, Hilda Hess, the only opera singer ever to perform at the Ravenwood, and Carmen & Astaire, a brother and sister dance duo from the roaring 20s.

The theatrical specters and Anna, along with the help of Anna’s friend, Toby, team up to thwart Margaret Parsimony’s scheme by staging a show to raise money to save the theatre.  The show, dubbed the Ghoulish-Haunted-Otherworldly-Spooktacular-Theatrical-Show or GHOSTS, is the Ravenwood Theatre’s last hope.  However, there is a problem.  The entire cast of the show is, well . . . dead, and though Anna and Toby can see the spirits, will anyone else?  Can they save the theatre?  Can they stop Margaret Parsimony?  Can they get an audience to . . . BELIEVE?