Some of the fantastic things audience members are saying about the various productions of “Ghosts: The Musical”!


“Loved it!!!! One of the best plays…”
–Amye Cox

“Loved every minute of it!”
–Brenda Morey

“I went to see this last night and had a great time. Very good show!”
–Michael Dodd

“The play was fabulous. Everyone should do themselves a favor and enjoy a great evening of music and laughter.”
–Ruth Cain Townshend

“GREAT SHOW!!! Really enjoyed it! I needed those laughs.”
–Irwin Schwartz

“Amazing show !!! I highly recommend it !!!”
–Elizabeth Kay McEntire

“Seeing this play was such a great experience! Fun times!!”
–Millye Bailey

“I loved this play so much!”
–Shelby Biersack

“Yes! I loved this show! Everyone was wonderful and the music was outstanding!”
–Dolores Moran

“Great feedback from our public about Ghosts – our best production to date.”
-Dr. Molly Johnson, Director of Opera and Music Theatre, University of Texas at Tyler

To be perfectly honest, tonight’s opening night performance of ‘Ghosts: The Musical’ is the single best performance I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of on the PCT stage. This show truly is the story of our beautiful theatre and it’s a great way to pay tribute to all those who have been a part of this theatre, still are, and those who have passed on. I’m glad that I’m able to be a part of such a wonderful theatre family and we couldn’t have done it without our director Sandy Hanson being here to keep us going through the five plus months that we’ve been working on this. I love you guys and I’m so blessed to be able to work with you all 🙂 Plus, I know I’m not the only one that cannot wait to meet the writer William Allen Jones whenever he comes down here.
-Matthew Raybin, cast of GHOSTS: The Musical

Last night’s performance of your show GHOSTS: THE MUSICAL was absolutely magical. The audience as well as the entire cast and crew were touched in such a positive way. Never in my 30 year career of directing shows have I experienced such a connection to a show and seen such a reaction by everyone performing it or watching it. People came from all over the state to see this show. We even have people who are coming from other states to see this. I believe you wrote this show just for Palestine Community Theatre to present. It is our story! All I can say is “Thank you” from the depths of my sole for allowing us the privilege of being able to present this master piece to our community and beyond!
–Sandy Hanson, Director to William Allen Jones, composer

Absolutely loved the show! The music is still stuck in my head! We had a great time… There are so many talented folks in this show. It gave me chills and goosebumps, in a good way.
–Andrea Ivins

Last nights showing of Ghost was absolutely amazing! I am so proud of all involved.
–Richard A. Farris Jr.

FANTASTIC Salute to the Texas Theatre, and a great performance. I hope everyone in Palestine and the surrounding areas can see it. Many small towns have kissed their theatres and history goodbye, in closing them down or converting to ‘mini malls’ God Bless everyone that helped to keep the Texas Theatre alive:)
–Brenda Sally Boy

My thanks to every actor and participant in bringing “Ghosts, The Musical” to us this Dogwood trails season. I new it would be good, but it was so much more than I expected. Each of you added your talents and your personality to the mix, and the result was an easily satisfying evening of entertainment. Thanks again.
–Kathy Lamb

Such an amazing show everyone! One to be very proud of 🙂
–Olivia Santone

The show was awesome tonight….loved it!
–Barbara Isham

It has been years since I have been to any of the plays at the old Texas Theatre…saw Ghosts Friday night and WOW…. Hats off!! It was amazing!! I am officially hooked!!!
-Betsy Smith

Last night, I was transported back to a time in my life that is my absolute favorite — my time in Palestine. This musical IS the story of the PCT (and others like it), and it was obvious that it meant a great deal to the cast and crew. What a charming musical it is! I am urging all my FB family members who can to run, not walk, to Palestine to see this wonderful work. You will become a part of the theater, and you will absolutely feel the love that the cast has for the musical and our theater, too! Congratulations to you, Sandy, and everyone involved!
–Patty McKinney

I wish Facebook would come up with a JUST LOVE IT button, like does not do this production justice.
–Marilynn Raines

I am still in a high from last nights production of GHOSTS. My sister Sandy Hanson and I are at breakfast reading all the great comments about the show. This was a show of spiritual connection. It starts with our entire cast of The Texas theatre gathering for prayer before the curtain opens and ends with our audience in emotional tears remembering their own departed loved ones who they feel are sitting with them. This is an experience not just a show.
–Linda Evans

The musical was fantastic!!!!!!! I am planning on attending again!!!! The acting, singing, dancing, staging, and setting was outstanding!!!!!! The songs were fun, beautiful, or both!!!!!
–Carol Webb

Thanks Will Jones For writing this master piece. Most of the actors in the casts are seasoned veterans. They have done numerous shows. But one thing they all agree, that this is a very special show. Most are saying this is the best musical they have ever done. We look forward to your visit to see how our community theater has interpreted your work of art.”
–Linda Evans

PCT Friends, I have to tell you that was one of the most totally awesome productions I have ever seen. The talent that we have in our community never fails to blow me away. The music, singing, acting, dancing, set, …. everything was just perfect. Dan is not much of a musical fan, but he said he even liked it better than Wizard of Oz! Kilee said it was her favorite even over Oz and Beauty! I cannot say thank you enough for what you do for the Texas and for our community.
–Billie Curry Dyer

This weekend is your LAST chance to see “Ghosts the Musical!” Don’t miss what people are calling “the best show ever performed at the Texas Theatre.”
–Texas Theatre Ad